About SpheroFlow

This project is crafted by a CRM enthusiast for fellow CRM enthusiasts!

I've been using CRMs for over seven years and always wanted a faster way to find what I need from its huge amount of information.

Lately, my work has gotten really busy, and I needed a way to get answers quickly and work more efficiently. That's when I came up with the idea for something that could help not just me but others too. This is how Sphero was born. It's a tool I created to make it easier for all of us to find quick answers and do our jobs better, using everything I've learned and a big collection of data for training.

What's the difference with Chat GPT?
Sphero is heavily trained on CRMs with large amount of clean training data and it gives high precision and detailed responses on CRMs-related topics.

Give it a try!

Why Shero is good!


Sphero has received top tier education!

SpheroBot is constantly learning from the best. Every day, I train Sphero with high-quality material. Having been CRMs user for more than 7 years, I select the most updated and accurate training content based on this experience.


AI runs in the background.

Sphero is an advanced AI system. At its core, Sphero utilizes the latest AI models and is trained with a large amount of data that is laser-focused on CRM. This approach ensures you receive the best answers for your daily activities.


The more you use the more Sphero improves.

Sphero loves feedback ;) Sphero evolves with usage; the more you interact, the smarter it gets. This AI system adapts to your habits, refining its responses and services to better suit your needs.